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Varilux History

Towards a progressive lens that adapts to visual behavior

1959: birth of the first progressive lens. The Varilux lens provides comfortable vision at any distance.

1972: launch of Varilux2, the Mono Design progressive lens. Considerably improved, it offers enhanced visual comfort.

1988: launch of the first Multi Design progressive lens. A fundamental innovation, this lens preserves the width of the near visual field and takes the evolution of the wearer's presbyopia into account.

1993: launch of Varilux Comfort®. This lens adapts to visual behavior and the wide near field of vision.

2000: launch of Varilux Panamic lenses, whose performance is based on Global Design Management, a technology that ensures perfect management of central, peripheral and binocular vision parameters. Varilux Panamic offers enlarged fields of vision, perfect adherence to the wearer’s visual behavior, and record adaptation times.

2006: launch of the Varilux Physio® progressive lens. Thanks to the “Twin Rx” technology, the “Varilux Physio” family ushers in a new era: that of high resolution vision.

2008: With this lens, Varilux adopts high fashion methods: "Varilux Ipseo New Edition" lenses are custom-made and adapted to the each person's visual behavior. This innovation is made possible by using "virtual reality" technologies.